Dr. Edelstein and the Magic Smile on Madison New York City dental team are proud to provide a full scope of preventative and restorative oral health treatments. Beyond the traditional treatment of teeth and gums, they also screen for periodontal disease, cancer, and diabetes during both annual exams and prophylaxis appointments.


Our team of hygienists supports patients by providing educational information on oral hygiene and oral health status. We offer simple saliva test for monitoring your oral PH level. Results may be useful for detecting many health issues, such as acid reflux and other conditions. With education, prevention is possible through alteration of dental health behaviors.

Periodontal disease is a particular concern of ours because it is a bacterial infection, which effects not only the gums but can also lead to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. Dr. Edelstein takes extra steps to educate those who are at risk or those who have been diagnosed with periodontal disease.


To restore teeth, we use computer aided technology (CAD/CAM) for all ceramic full contour crowns, inlays, and bridges so that they are stronger and fit better than if they were done using traditional methods. Our talented dental technicians ensure the highest quality of work for every patient.

As an alternative to bridge placement to replace missing teeth, we also offer dental implants. There are significant benefits of tooth replacement without compromising healthy teeth.

For edentulous patients, we offer implant-retained overdentures, which improve retention, speech, and chewing. We strongly believe that this treatment elevates our patients’ quality of life.

For those who experience orofacial pain and temporomandibular disorders, we create individualized occlusal guards, which also treat and alleviate bruxism and teeth clenching.



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