Dr. Edlestein offers a relaxed and friendly escape from the bustling midtown New York City traffic. As a patient-centered dental practice, we make a stress-free environment for all our clients a top priority.

Dentistry is the art of preservation, prevention, restoration, and maintenance. Education and early detection help us to stop dental disease before it starts. In addition to cleanings and and exams, we provide information on food and lifestyle choices as well as early oral cancer screenings so all our patients can achieve optimal oral health. 

We gladly answer patient questions and provide patient consultations. Please feel free to call and ask about our services and procedures. We’re glad to help!

Meet Our Team

Dr. Edelstein

Dr. Edelstein

Dr. Victoria Edelstein has been practicing the art of dentistry for over thirty years. Her journey into dentistry is straight forward: she has always been interested for caring for others. As a child, her penchant for creating small, intricate toys with her hands led her to her natural calling: dentistry. Dr. Edelstein first attended the prestigious Moscow Institute of Medicine, graduating in 1984. After immigrating to the United States in 1990, she attended New York University School of Dentistry, graduating with honors in 1994. Since then, Dr. Edelstein has practiced in New York and New Jersey, maintaining several practices. Today she can be found in her “boutique” dental practice on the upper east side of Manhattan in New York City.


Tanya: A hygienist with over 30 years of experience, Tanya brings her passion and training to our dental practice. She has been with us for over 20 years, training, motivating, and leading young dental hygiene professionals.


A hygienist who is as bright as the smiles she treats, Liliana is our dental dream team’s most valuable addition. She brings a new perspective and knowledge of the latest dental hygiene technologies and trends.


Our office “Picasso,”Sofia creates a scheduling masterpiece each day for our staff. She manages our schedules seamlessly so we may provide timely care for our patients. Her education and organizational experience make her the perfect communicator between our office, laboratories, specialists, and insurance companies. Her attention to detail and the diverse needs of patients makes her an excellent asset to our team. She can be found assisting the doctor, sterilizing instruments, and comforting patients.



2568 East 17th Street 2nd Floor Brooklyn NY 11235

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